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5 things you probably did not know about casinos.

There is a lot of fun around casinos and people walk in the casino indulge in the excitement and forget all their troubles. In countries like Macau and even the United Kingdom gambling is a lifestyle to a lot of people. But how much do you know about the inner history of the casinos? Take a look at these inner knowledge about casinos and some might even help you become a better player.

  • Casinos originated in Italy.

The word casino dates back all the way to the 18th century in the year 1744 and it has a literal meaning of a little house. The exact origin of gambling is not clear but the first organized gambling house was in Venice in the 1638. To get into the house you had to wear formally and they only offered high stakes. Things have changed much since then.

  • The person who has ever won the most money on a slot machine walked away with 40 million dollars.

The largest ever won jackpot was in Las Vegas in 21st March in the year 2003. We all dream of winning big but on average most of us are just happy even with 10 percent return. You can imagine the excitement and astonishment of the 25 year old when he won a massive 39,710,826. 36 dollars after playing with just a hundred dollars. What other business in the world could ever bring such ROI? It was like 3999990 percent returns!

  • Archie Karas has the longest and largest winning streak in casino history.

The guy is a legend in gambling, he has gone from being broke to becoming a millionaire a few times. Archie with his luck or I don’t know if it was expertise, turned 50 dollars into 40 million dollars in like 3 years. Unfortunately he lost it all the next year, too bad he got so much used to winning. But he has no regard for material possession so he does not care if he loses anyway, he just keeps on playing. What a guy!

The fruit machines must pay out 70 percent or more.

Ever asked yourself how much you can make on slot machines? Well the commission set for fruit machines is at 70 percent which means if you play with a hundred dollars you can expect an average payout of 70 dollars. The machines vary of course and so are the chances of winning.

  • The longest poker game lasted for eight years!

We all know that poker is a game of endurance but typically a competition does not go beyond two months. But what is two months compared to the happenings of the Arizona’s basement of the theater where a poker game continued for 24 hours a day for 8 years and a bonus of 5 months! It is said that the winner walked away with a whopping 10 million dollars and that was in 1881 so you can imagine the value of money now.

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