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Best Ashes predictions 2019

The upcoming Ashes will be interesting to follow for both cricket enthusiasts and passionate sports bettors. The Ashes is a cricket competition that will now take place for the 71st time. This battle between England and Australia has been an ongoing competition for 137 years in which the two opponents take turns hosting the event on home territory every one and a half year.

Obviously, fans and bookmakers have been trying to predict who will win the Ashes this year. There will be no official winner until the end of the Ashes will be announced after the last Test will be played in the Oval from September 12 until September 16. However, we can make some well-educated predictions based on previous results in, for example, the world cup. The Ashes can feel like a slow event at times because of the 5 days every Test takes. This may seem like a long time, we feel like it is rightful as the Ashes only take place every one and a half year.

For the past few months, excitement has been building up as all eyes are on the two teams until the last match has been played. Since England was crushed by their competitors in the last edition of the Ashes, expectations are high for them to redeem victory.

The official teams for this year have not yet been announced and it is very likely that they will only be revealed in the week prior to the first Test. England has been doing particularly well in the past few major cricket events. This fact combined with the fact that England will host the Ashes this year increases the odds for England to win. A match on home territory with their fans right there to cheer them on. On top of that, England has a different type of weather conditions that take some getting used to for the Australian team…

Even though all bookmakers seem to lean into England as the favorite for winning this year, some argue that Australia could make a surprise appearance as the victors. John Arlott, journalist and cricket commentator, once described this as ‘Australianism’. Which comes down to an attitude where the seemingly impossible was perceived as doable by the Australians. Some might call this arrogance or conceited behavior, but somehow this has proven effective for the Australian team to work their way to victory more than one.

Who do you think will win the Ashes this year, England or Australia? Have you placed your bets yet? Make sure to take a look at the Ashes 2019 odds before doing so. Let the countdown to the 1st of August begin…