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Finer Methods To Play Casino Online in UK

Really, it is more exciting to lose 10 pounds in each shot, than 10 cents, so if you go for adrenaline and excitement, it is better to do it big for 20 minutes, than 5 hours suffered in which you do not gain anything and you only see How do you lose money?

But, if you win, what will you do, you will win a big prize, and you will hit the fat man

That’s how it happened last Friday that in a casino, they gave me a loan to play 200 pounds, we had spent 40 minutes poking the 200 pounds, with low stakes, to win money or at least keep that 200, which we didn’t know is that a casino is never going to give you the credit that it gave you, that is, if we wanted to charge something, we had to earn more than the initial 200 pounds they had given me, so we returned to my machine and just when we reached 50 extra pounds, we went to change my money, but something made me come back, we don’t even remember why and we sat on another machine to lose those 250.00 pounds as quickly as possible, we wasn’t going to waste them, or let them expire, so we was going to spend them but in style, with the maximum bets , with the maximum number of combinations. Then we just pressed the button, we didn’t even wait for the credits to be added when we won, it was just a machine to lose money, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, let’s go and we want to go. For the top online casino sites  this is important now.

The Machine Usages

A machine that charged me 8 pounds per shot, when the staff of the place saw me playing like that, we wonder if we was sure we wanted to play like that, at maximum bet, the maximum one could bet on that machine, answer yes, the we try to persuade myself, but we already wanted to lose and be able to go home; but just when we had 17 pounds left, exact money for a shot at the highest bet level, at that moment luck smiled at me and we entered a bonus, which gave me 28 thousand credits, in a single roll; While the machine made a lot of noise and everyone comes to see that he had won a lot of money, the machine went from marking 7 pounds to 1,350.00 in a second.

Ifwe had bet on the insurance, with a low credit, with a low level of combinations, what we would have won would have been like 20 pounds.

The moral in the casinos is that if you want to win, you have to bet seriously, but don’t exceed your limit or your ability, because you can lose your mind in the process.

If you want to know how to win at casino machines it is easy:

  • Choose machines with low prizes and give many bonuses
  • Set a real limit of what you can spend in that place and bet them in 20 minutes
  • Always make the biggest possible bet with your available credit.
  • When you win, retire.