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Gambling for Thais – The Poipet Casinos

Gambling is illegal in Thailand. Not just land-based casinos or gambling centers, operating an online casino in Thailand is also illegal. The only two forms of gambling permitted as per the laws in the country are national lottery and horseracing. This compels Thais to access online casino and gambling sites hosted from neighboring countries and the larger Southeast Asian region. Those, who are not satiated with an online casino in Thailand, prefer to travel to Cambodia, Laos or Myanmar. The latter has recently legalized gambling.

Cambodia remains the most preferred destination for gambling among the Thais.  The Poipet casinos are the closest and are a fitting alternative to an online casino for those who have the means to travel and of course the passion to indulge in a few slots, some poker and baccarat, perhaps craps and roulette too.

The Poipet Casinos

Poipet or Krong Poi Pet is a border town. The city is in the district of Krong Paoy Paet in Banteay Meanchey Province. The western Cambodian city is at the border with Thailand. It connects Bangkok and Siem Reap. It is a major transport hub. It is also famous for its casinos. Poipet Casinos are the second most sought after gambling destination in Cambodia. The largest and most popular is of course Sihanoukville.. Poipet casinos may be smaller in size and the tourism may be limited. Yet, it is the mini Vegas or Macau that Thais can get easy access to.

There are over ten Poipet casinos. The city spans an area of around two hundred and sixty two square kilometers. There are three communes in the municipality, namely Poipet, Nimeth and Phsar Kandal. The city is home to over a hundred and forty thousand people. Poipet is a boomtown. It is developer faster than most towns in Cambodia, primarily being boosted by real estate, manufacturing and tourism. The city has three special economic zones already.

Gambling, at a land based or online casino คาสิโนออนไลน์ , is legal in Cambodia. While the Poipet casinos offer a physical gambling experience for Thais, online sites hosted from different parts of Cambodia also provide an alternative.

Poipet Casinos have become Little Las Vegas for Gambling for Thais

The Poipet casinos are being considered as one of the key reasons for the growth and development of the city. Chinese investments in recent years have improved existing roadways. They have also built new roads. Real estate has undergone as substantial change. Property prices are up. The value of land has also soared in the recent past. Various types of developmental projects, including public and private establishments, are changing the landscape of the border town.

The best Poipet casinos are Grand Diamond City Hotel ; Casino, Star Vegas Casino, Tropicana Resort ; Casino and Crown Casino. According to many accounts, hundreds of Thais travel across the border to the city every day to gamble in one of the land based casinos. Many people have started to travel from China, just to indulge in their favorite pastime and also to win rich rewards.