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History and the development of Casino in South East Asia Archipelago

Casino and gambling have a successful history in the country of Indonesia. From the traditional gambling of the fighting of two wild animals to the modern day online casinos and betting games, it has come a long way. Companies like bursa taruhan bola online indonesia are becoming the one-stop destination for all the lovers of online casino games for its easy to play and reliable transaction.

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The origin

As mentioned earlier, the inhabitants of the South East Asian archipelago are no alien to the casino. With the arrival of Chinese seven hundred years ago, the sector of gambling saw a more refined reformation in the form of the card and coin games. The card and coin game are considered to be the forefather of the modern casino. The rapid Islamization gave a setback to the casino industries as it is illegal according to Sharia. But the introduction of the European colonization once again revived people’s interest and activities. Many casinos were built in all the major center points of the country.


After the independence, the subsequent Indonesian government formally permitted the casinos to open their business. The governmentwere strictly controlled the regulations of the casino industry. It was also ensured that most of the profit from such casinos go to the local government. The first licensed casino of independent Indonesia was located at three locations at Jakarta and Sadkin respectively. This regulation was made to prevent the poverty induced by the casino.  But the constant pressure by the local leaders for banning the casino and making it illegal is the result that currently, only one gambling center is there in Jakarta, which was again banned in the year 1993.

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Present era

Currently, there are on site 444 gambling centers running in Indonesia. Of course, they are functional illegally. It is evident that despite religious obligations, Indonesians love gambling. Stringent laws govern the functioning of the on-site casino. But Indonesians are continuing their love affair with the game. All thanks to the agen taruhan casino indonesia, the online site where you can gamble and put on your bet at a whole new level. The positive thing is that no particular law in Indonesia states the ban on the online casinos. That is the reason, in this strictly religious law-abiding country, many local and foreign individuals in the Archipelago found their pleasure in the online casino games.

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