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Learn Playing Baccarat Online To Earn Real Money


Baccarat is not the monopoly of polished people only. Even the layman like you and me can try their hands on this game as it has come from casino right to your online world. This is a table game involving cards and is played always between two persons, no matter how many people are sitting on the table. All the decisions are to be made right before the card is dealt. You can play as many rounds of this game as you desire. But, what happens during the play? If you are not aware of it, you might not be able to make much sense of what is happening on the table.

So, here is a stepwise procedure of playing this game online

  1. There are two sides from which you have to choose one. These sides can be either of the player side or the bank side.
  2. The bettor places the bet on the winning of the side he has chosen. The operator places the first card the face up on the player side. And, then he places another card on the bank side the same way. The process is repeated for both sides. And, then the score is calculated.
  3. The cards total has to be closer to 9 on any side to win. But, it has to be less than 9. In case, the cards are totaling to two-digit number, the right hand side digit is picked to assign the score. Also, all face cards and tens value zero and ace is valued as 1.
  4. The game gets the interesting turn when the total on player side is 0-5 and the bank side also is not amounting to 8 or 9. This is where the third card is to be dealt.

This game does make use of theory of probability to a small extent; the major role is actually being played by your luck. Play this game online at 918Kiss for the best playing experience.