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Live Casino Technology, Explained

The iGaming industry is fast-changing thanks to new games offered to players on a regular basis. If you’re a customer in one of the many online casinos, surely you have noticed the new releases from top vendors and game designers. Also, the chance comes in the form of varied bonuses for different players. From new customer bonuses, free spins, to tournaments, all these are updated on a regular basis to reflect changing customer needs.

But these changes don’t end with games and offers. In online casino gambling, the most significant changes happen in the technology used, in the way games are designed, delivered, and enjoyed. And one popular use of technology in many online casino sites is a live casino platform. In a live casino, your casino gaming experience is pushed to another level, one that’s more engaging and authentic.

 Compared to traditional online casino offerings, a live casino game allows you to play directly against a dealer in real-time. It’s like sitting in a dedicated casino table with a professional dealer using your device without leaving your home or office. This casino arrangement is possible thanks to the use of several technologies and equipment discussed below.

Multiple Web Cameras

The casino action happens in a purposely-built casino studio with a professional dealer facilitating the action. In order for you to take part in the casino game in real time, web cameras are used. On average, there are at least three cameras used in a live casino studio to capture the different angles of play. These cameras will then capture the movement of the roulette ball or shuffling of the cards and stream the video to your preferred device. In turn, your device must have a web camera to ensure the smooth flow of the game.

Desktop and Mobile Devices

You’ll need a device to display the games in real-time. For many players, a desktop is the best device when playing live casino games. With its wider screen and better specifications, you can easily enjoy the live streaming of live roulette or live baccarat. Another option is through the use of your mobile devices that run using the iOS or Android operating systems. In mobile gameplay, you should first consider whether the casino uses a native app or a web app. A web app allows you to instantly access the online casino without downloading an app. For many online casinos, the native app is the most preferred way of delivering live casino games. 888 Casino, a leading online casino operator, offers a native app. Here, you need to download and install first an app before you can access the games and other gambling solutions.

Game Control Unit (GCU)

To ensure a reliable streaming of videos and exchange of information, a software vendor uses the Game Control Unit (GCU). Think of the GCU as a computer program that receives video feeds from the camera and converts these to data that can be processed by the machine. The unit then decodes the date to transmit the feeds to the casino croupier and players in a manner that they can understand.

Other Technologies and Equipment Used

Aside from these technologies, there are other technologies and equipment that are used in the delivery of live casino services. For example, top vendors like Evolution Gaming and 888Casino use a dealer’s monitor, digitized casino wheels, and a dedicated casino table. The monitor is an important piece of equipment for the online casino dealers to track the players’ action in real-time. The digitized wheel can help automate the proceedings, for example in live roulette, and send the data and results automatically. Finally, you can also find dedicated tables used in many live casinos like 888Casino. These tables replicate the actual tables used in brick-and-mortar casinos to provide players with a professional and authentic way of playing live casino games in real-time.