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The online casinos that should be avoided

If the world gambling comes to the mind and someone wants to play it, then the first thing is going to do look into the mobile and download a casino game. The days are gone when one had to look into the watch and the place he is in, to decide if he can play a casino game. Those were the days of the land-based casino. The casinos have completely modified over the years. Thanks to the online casino that has helped this ‘anytime anywhere’ gambling possible. Many online sites like Bandar bola have come up and have given the audience a wide range of option. Now the people are actually confused as to which site to chose and which not to. The popularity of the online gambling has initiated many fake sites to come up and loot the customers. Well, it is a bit difficult to find the sites that are fake but there are few ways to have a guess.

The minimum balance

Casinos and Bandar bola are all about money and one has to make sure that the money is secure in all ways. The casino thinks the same way as well. They want to secure the money all to themselves. The winning cash is not given directly.  Many fake sites make it a point to set a huge withdrawal limit that demands the player to play more game and win. The more he wins the more the advantage for the site. The higher withdrawal limit bounds the gambler from the redemption of the account. In this way, the sites do not have to pay all the players at the same time. Hence, they are making the first profit here. Once the amount in their account is piled up, the sites tend to scrap all their account and leave the shore.

However, all the sites have a minimum redemption but god sites have less minimum withdrawal limit because they want to make sure that the customer they have come back to them and make more bets, hence they keep the withdrawal limit. So these sites are completely fine. Look for those sites that have a very higher limit and don’t put your steps there.

Delayed payment

Another problem with most of the online sites is delayed payment. Once you have reached the minimum withdrawal limit you tend to withdraw the amount. This task is also a very difficult one. Once you redeem the amount to the account, the process is very slow. You may get the amount in your account after days and weeks. If you good a good site then you might be able to get earlier payments. The reasons for that are that the sites have to have strong bonds and connection with their network. Popular sites have a wider network then the new sites. Hence, they are well efficient to make earlier payment. Look for sites like this.


The simplest ways through which you can make money is the online gambling. Just by sitting in your home, you can print cash but the only requirement is the site should be very good.