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Marked contact lens cards relate to unique contact lenses. That can be displayed here with translucent ink-marked cards. These exclusive special marked playing cards contact lenses are fantastic. Plus, they are the perfect partners for our numbered playing cards. Upon wearing these IR contact lenses, you can see the labels. In which are at the base of our manufactured labeling cards pretty clear. The unseen ink labels on the playing cards may also be luminescent bright lines. More so, dark juice markings, near to invisible. Although the contact lenses of our signed cards can be seen plain.

What are Marked Cards?

Card labeling or card marking is the act of modifying playing cards. In a manner that is only noticeable to the marker or saboteur. Such as by twisting or inserting visible markings to the card. This makes for various ways of cheating on cardsharps which can be used for card magic shows. To be accurate, the identifying mark or markings must be evident on the edges. On the sides of the cards which are usually identical.

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Card labeling is also used to cheat on betting or card games. Many casinos, especially those in Las Vegas, are altering the decks of cards. They market to visitors either by poking holes through the center of cards. Also, by pruning their edges to deter dopers from returning to the game tables. After purchasing cards and then sneaking advantageous cards. Into their hands while they play.

Website you can trust and rely

You can buy these at some well-founded online websites. Such as which has a variety of products that they sell. Just like the marked card contact lenses. The company has been developing labeling or marking cards for more than 10 years. They have professional qualified technicians as well as specialized marking machines. Moreover, exclusive invisible ink. This is to make sure the corporation is able to score the finest marked playing cards so far. Although they are famous for these types of cards. The company still sells the finest poker cards.

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In human beings, the pattern of eye color differs between areas and cultures. Blue eyes, for example, are usually found in people in North America. While hazel eyes have a higher proportion in Spain. Meanwhile, most of America’s eyes are either French or British in color. This is also the reason why often the sellers would inquire to their buyers. About what their eye color is or wherever they’re located. This is because manufacturers need to make it clear that the contact lenses are the safest.

Especially for those eyes before ordering buyers, to verify the appropriate value also. This is also one of the facts that this website is trusted by many clients. For many instances, other platforms do not bother asking whatever the details may be. They continue to sell products that are not of good quality. In some worst-case scenarios, buyers online are even scammed. Into thinking that they are in a reliable site, paying too much money. Not to mention that some products are not worth it.