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Philadelphia Sportsbook Gaming by Parx Casino

What is RTP of slots?

RTP is a short form of ‘return to player’. RTP in casino and gaming terms stand for the percentage of the wagered money a slot of VLT machine will pay back gamers over time. Most slot and VLT machines offer a 95 to 97 percent RTP where 95 percent is on the lower side and 97 percent is on the upper side. The RTP of a slot or VLT machines are calculated over a long period. For example, a slot machine with a 95 percent means that a player who puts 100 $1 bets will accumulate about $90 in wins. Players need to understand, however, that when betting, anything can happen on the short run. In fact, you could lose all the money you had placed on a bet. As a result, you should only stake the amount you are ready to lose. Parx Casino offers a wide variety of RTP for their slot games through the Philadelphia Sportsbook.

Why players should pay attention to the RTP of a slot game?

It is important for players to take note of the RTP of a slot game because it will reflect the house edge of a game. The house edge of a game determines what the company will take as profit, a figure that allows casinos to sustain their operations. The house edge of a slot is the opposite of the RTP. For instance, if the RTP is 96 percent, it means that the house edge will be 4 percent. While paying attention to the RTP will not guarantee you a win, you can use it to determine the odds that are stacked against you. It is advisable to consider playing slots with an RTP of above 95 percent since those below 94% do not make any economic sense for gamers. Reviewing the RTP of a slot game is important since it will determine how long you must keep playing to get winning.

Is a slot game with a high RTP the best?

Another question that many people ask is whether they should only play slot games with the highest RTP. While is advisable for gamers to play slot games with a high RTP and a low house edge, believing that such a move will allow them to win easily could be misleading. Apart from taking into consideration the RTP, it is also important to check the slot volatility. Slot volatility determines the risk involved when playing slot games. A slot with a low volatility is less risky although it will often offer regular payouts in small amounts as compared to high volatility slots that offer higher payouts. It is also important to note that the high volatility of some slots does not necessarily make them less appealing. This is because gamers get a chance to win more payout on the highly volatile slots even though they have a higher house edge. It is also worth noting that the high payouts are not available on a regular basis.


Parx Casino is a reliable horse racing venue in Philadelphia and the largest casino gaming complex in the area. The casino offers an avenue for online slots to gamers looking for Philadelphia Sportsbook. For gamers looking to check out Philadelphia Sportsbook, Parx Casino is one of the best in Philly. Their slots come with high RTP and minimal house edge to ensure that you get the best gaming experience.