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Play Hilo Online Game To Get Surprising Prize

Online casino becomes a popular one. It will make you entertain as well as you will get better prizes as well. There are so many numbers of card games though ไฮโลis the best and simple card game. Hi-Lo games are introduced by a group of Chinese people in the past. It became a popular and most likely game by all.

This game was introduced by a group of friends. Slowly it reaches online so you all set to play this game online easily.

How to play the Hi-Lo online card game?

Here come the steps you want to follow to play Hi-Lo online card game.

  1. At first, the players want to bet for 50 baht or even you can bet for more as well
  2. For all the games, the players will be offered with a time of 25 seconds to bet
  3. No matter the type of bet you all set to bet.
  4. In this game, you will witness so many numbers of betting types such as odd, high as well as low.
  5. Once after the result come, then the system will automatically transfer the money into your account.
  6. Even within 5 minutes, the money will get a transfer on your account with no doubt.

What are the alternative ways?

At the same time, to play ไฮโล there are 5 ways are accessible. If you follow these ways then you will be able to effortlessly play Hi-Lo game.

Low stabbing:

In this way, the players will be offered a sum of three dice that is between 3 points to 10 points. If you choose to bet then you will be offered two options such as low and high. When it comes to low bet option then you will obtain a 45 % chance of winning. That is why most of the players choose to bet in this game.

High stabbing:

Even if you check the high bet it is equal to the low bet. However, if you look at the difference that falls is that the sum will be 12 to 18 points. This score will get to increase further as well. At the same time, the winning chance that the players choose to bet is 45 %. You know it will come for low stakes as well.

The favorite:

If you look at this way then the bet on a bet is to bet 1 point to 6 points. If you look at the points then the players will get 1 to 1. That means if you bet for 1 baht then you will surely get 1 baht.

Toot stabbing:

The betting points will be the same and it will be on 2 numbers. You are required to guess 2 numbers between 1 and 4. The number such as 1 and 4 wants to come in the dice.

Piering 11 Hi-Lo:

The winning chance in this way is of 10 %. if you win then you will get 5 times than the bet amount in ไฮโลfor sure.