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Play roulette on the online casinos

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Roulette is one of the most popular casino games at online as well as offline casinos. This is because it is one of the simplest and easiest casinos game. If you are looking to play the slow paced table game in the casino then roulette is the best. You can download playmillion casino app and start playing the roulette. Players are first needed to understand the rules of roulette so that they can maximize their winning chances while playing this game. It is the kind of betting game in which the players try their luck. Players can play this game at the no deposit bonus casinos or at the paid casinos. Beginners preferably choose no deposit bonus casinos as they do not have out their money for playing roulette.

About playing roulette

There is a roulette wheel with the rotating disk that has divisions on it. On each division, there is a number. This wheel is rotated and the small ball is also made to rotate over it. When the wheel comes at rest, the rotating ball comes also comes at rest on any of the division on the roulette wheel. Traditionally, the divisions contain the numbers in the random manner from 1 to 36.  The players have to place the bet before rotation of the ball. They have to guess at which number or division the ball will stop.

Calculation the chip value

Betting is done by laying the roulette chips on the betting mats. This type of chip does not have any denomination printed on it. There are 6 to 8 colors of chips and each color consist of about 300 chips.  Players have to buy the colored chip. On purchase, they get different color chips.  The total value of the chips is divided by the number of chips to know the value of each chip. The dealer then places the token on the chip to indicate the value. The dealer will then mark the winning number on roulette table on every rotation of the wheel.