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Poker Options You Can Be Sure Of Now

In online poker, you no longer have the physical stress of sitting at the table. With this in mind, the only distractions are then your thoughts or watching the beautiful girl or the handsome man passing in the aisle of the casino.

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The Right Options

On your computer, it’s easy to find distractions during games. It could be watching a movie, browsing websites, participating in forums, working, making a phone call. These distractions occupy your brain but can cause costly mistakes.

Develop habits that show you see poker as a serious occupation. For my part, I eliminate all web browsing, listen to music and play on a screen where only the poker tables and the software lobby appear. As my bitches stick to me all the time, I start each session by letting them settle in comfortably, and once they don’t move anymore, we begin.

We also play well on a desk, a bed, or a sofa. The main thing is really to form your bubble. Thus, you can play several tables while concentrating ideally.

Using poker software

Software like trackers is a big help in poker. For years I have used software like Hold’em Manager and Poker Tracker. A few years ago, it was even possible to buy hand histories. So when you sat down at a player’s table, you had plenty of information about the player you are meeting (e.g., number of raises preflop).

Poker sites have made it their business to fight this type of software, and some like idn poker king even prevent the player from playing when they detect software. However, there are still some. It’s a good thing to pick one up when you start playing very seriously.

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But, there are other tools you can use. The easiest way is to calculate the odds. For example, you paid for a raffle and wondered if it was a good thing to do so. Go to software like idn poker online, enter the info and see how many chances you had to win. It’s great for learning the prominent odds of poker.

Play at the right times

Some days and times are more profitable than others. So when we talk about playing at the right time, we mean going to the tables when the wrong players are there. Weeknights and weekends are the best times. You expose yourself to bad beats, but you could make a lot of money. Conversely, other times can be more difficult with mostly good players at the table. It is better to plan your schedule to be seated at the right time.


The plan should also depend on you. Is it a good idea to play at midnight when you are tired? Is it reasonable to come after a big family meal when your digestion is numbing you? Can you start this tournament when it ends at 3 am, and tomorrow you have to work? It is better not to attend a game than to play when you are not well.