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Slot Machine History And How It Evolved Over Years

The most popular casino game slot machine game history is interesting. Let’s get an overview of how it originated and evolved across the years.

First phase 

  • 1891 – In 1891 the first slot machine was developed at Sittman & Pitt a New York Company. The game had 50 playing cards and 5 drums. Players inserted their money and pulled a lever. The payout was in the form of free cigars and drinks. 
  • 1887 to 1895 – Fey is named as the first slot machine inventor. The slot machine allowed an automatic payout. The existing 5 drums were replaced with 3 reels. Playing cards with 5 symbols were replaced including spades, hearts, liberty bell, horse-shoe, and diamonds. The Liberty Bell machine was not patented so many manufacturers copied the design.
  • 1902 to 1908 – In 1902 slot machines got banned officially, but the Liberty Bell sustained. The only drawback was that cash prizes count not be distributed. Fruit symbols were used and prizes were in the form of sweets and chewing gum of the corresponding flavor. Operator Bell got designed in 1907 and it soon got popular in salons, shops, bowling alleys, and tobacconists. 

Second phase

  • 1964 – The first full-electromechanical slot named Money Honey got released. The game started with a lever pull [because players were not used to playing a game without pulling a lever] but reels were powered by electricity. There was a bottomless hopper and automatic payout of a maximum of 500 coins was enabled. Soon, its popularity increased and ultimately the lever got removed from electromechanical slot machines. 
  • 1976 to 1978 – The first real video slot got developed in 1976 by Fortune Coin, a Las Vegas Company. A modified 19” Sony TV was used as a display. Shortly, a video slot machine got approved from the Gaming Commission of Nevada State. In 1978, IGT acquired the Fortune Coin Company.
  • 1996 – In 1996, the next milestone of slots got started with the introduction of ‘Reel Em”. It was a first video slot machine featuring a bonus round screen. During bonus rounds, extra payouts could be won. There was a rise in casino popularity and 70% income of the casino was gained from the slot machines that occupied 70% of their floor space.

Third phase

In the mid-90s, internet development brought casinos online. In the beginning roulette and blackjack casino games were available. Soon, slots got added and very soon they got popular. Today, there are review sites like Bingo Sites New that can help you locate the suitable slot versions. 

Initially, slot game styles were the same as land-based slots including similar symbols and number of reels. Soon, the programming got tweaked and there were plenty of slots with an unusual layout, structure, and interesting theme made accessible. 

The biggest advantage of online slots

  • Lights and colors are great in comparison to land-based casinos. 
  • Jackpots of more than a million dollars are played via progressive online slot games.
  • Low bets are also offered so the average player gets a chance to enjoy slots with little investment. 

With a humble beginning the slot machines have traveled a long way and as technology progresses evolving continues!