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 The Base Of The Dragon Treasure Slot Game Procurement

It seems like a has been shouted sharply in a nearby mediaeval town with this slot. In the meantime, he had the intuition to snatch the whole treasure of the city and store it for himself. That’s in our hearts, at least, what we imagine. The Treasure of Dragon is probably one of these games, but are we to say? Whatever the case, has done a fantastic job in making a classic and injecting with all that is needed to sustain the entertainment of hardcore punters. Originally an online slot machine, the game finished in 2011 and released in online casinos. Any of these classic slots could be delayed with their poorer quality graphics, but the developer has deliberately chosen to remain faithful to the original, which has already made the games so popular with veteran players.

Dragon’s Treasure uses a traditional arrangement of 5 rolls and 3 rows, equivalent to many classical video slots. This is what you would otherwise see more on 3-reel fruit slots instead of on 5×3 slots, limited to just 5 pay lines. We’ll be honest, there’s just a few pay lines relative to many other online slots but it doesn’t stop the players getting hit. Dragon’s Treasure, very unpredictable, can be played from 0,10 to 10 €/£ with each spin on all computers.

Treasure of Dragon (Mercury): features

We’re not trying to assume that the slot is the main picture on the visual side of the game. Fact, the dragons treasure looks like a wreck of a train. There is a very small context, showing only some green and tree trunks. This said, Dragon’s treasure reveals players are able to see weak cosmetics from the past as long as the motor has ample motivation.

In any case, these symbols begin by adding five cards from 10 to A. When it comes to symbols. Then come two icons, the Sword Hilt and the Treasure Chest that are even more thematic. You can also see a dark-haired cavalry emblem that is eager to go on a quest to destroy the beast. Finally, a blonde prince is deemed to be the top paid icon of the game, promising up to 1,000 times the stake prizes for a 5-of-a-kind mix.

You can see the dragon sign coming into focus as you move the rolls. It will give you a lot of support in the game. What is the reason? It acts like a scattered wild sign. It is also possible to appear everywhere, replacing all other regular icons in the Treasure of the Dragon. Even better, if five of them emerge across the carriage, you will earn up to 200 times your stake at the end of a pay-out.

Treasure Dragon (Mercury): verdict

There may be several aspects to the general theme of this game and its implementation. Somehow it seems that has put a series of photographs in one piece and attached them to a collection of reels on a curious backdrop. Although casual players may not be drawn, many purists consider Dragon’s treasure as a true classic

Treasure of Dragon’s is a slot machine all or nothing and no fool. There’s nothing really about the interim. It is unforgiving and is famously difficult to activate its free spins functionality. However, if you trigger it, you will have a decent chance at a great pay-out.