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The Best Classic Types of Roulette for Your Casino

Roulette is one of the most classic pastimes in any casino: land or virtual. And today, despite the abundance of various video slots, it is still at its peak of popularity.

Because of this demand game provider, Evoplay offers video slots with roulette, which meet all the canons of the game. The gambling content provider has three varieties of the game:

  •   European;
  •   American;
  •   French.

All of them are built according to the rules of classical entertainment and have an intuitive interface and colorful, but traditional, visual design. Each roulette has its own features, which are worth talking about in more detail.

European roulette

One of the most interesting versions to gamers was the European roulette game. Many even consider it the first of the existing types, but this opinion is wrong. But for most players, it is more familiar than all the others and has a familiar look. Almost all of us have seen her, if not live, then in the movies, where there were scenes with gambling.

So, externally, it represents a roulette wheel and a track for betting. All the numbers are divided into red and white, and the zero sector (aka zero) is green. The player can place a bet on a specific sector or range. After the wheel spins, the ball runs along it, and when it stops, it will be clear whether the user has guessed or not.

American Roulette

But the American roulette game is not as common as her “big sister”. It differs from her presence and double zero, which was acquired when it arrived in America with emigrants from France. Its official homeland is New Orleans.

One of the main differences from the classical version is just the presence of an additional field. Someone thinks that its presence reduces the chance of winning. However, according to most users, on the contrary, it makes the gameplay even more gambling.

French roulette

Finally, the ancestor of both of the above types is the French roulette classic game. It represents a field for the game with 37 sectors – from zero to 36. Here there are classical rules, you can make both internal and external bets, all in French. Also, present here the possibility of making oral bets.

French roulette suits all fans of the classics. However, it is not too different from the European version. Therefore will suit those who are used to the euro version, but decided to make some variations in the gaming process.

What’s better?

It is impossible to say that any of the varieties is better than the other. All of them have the right to exist, and each for a long time of existence, managed to acquire an army of fans. Therefore, the presence of each of the above types is a must for the self-respecting online casino.

The perfect solution for a gambling club

There are many providers, but it is Evoplay that has established itself as a reliable supplier of quality gaminators with high RTP and a huge number of other advantages. There are all three varieties of roulette in the content provider’s assortment: French, European, and American. Therefore, it is easy to choose the right option here, and install in your casino a video slot that is sure to please both regular visitors and newcomers. Years of experience and high demand for quality – this is a guarantee that emulators from this manufacturer will be appreciated by all gamblers.