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Website security is important for everyone

Most websites, whether owned by a private individual, organization or company, are never tested for security. Many consider this an inappropriate or unjustified expense, referring to the fact that it is mainly static content, the site has no confidential information, financial transactions are not accepted, etc. Therefore, it makes no sense to perform potentially costly tests of the 토토사이트 security of the website. because a company or organization cannot be affected by the lack of security.

Well, simply, this is not so!

Although your website may not contain confidential information, you cannot accept any financial or personal transaction, and it may have purely static content, it still puts your customers and visitors at risk.

There are many cybercriminals who are not necessarily interested in obtaining access to their business and their information, although it is always a likely objective, but they follow their clients. They want to access their computers and their data, and can use vulnerabilities on their site to obtain such access.

Increasingly, we see regular websites used to download malware to unsuspecting victims’ computers.

Cybercriminals scan the Internet, search for insecure websites and download them with malicious software (called “malware”). This, in turn, is transferred to the computers of each visitor of your website in the so-called “attack by attack”, exposing them to all kinds of problems, such as identity theft, bank account theft and card fraud of credit.

Therefore, while your organization may not be affected by the security problems of your website, there is enormous damage that can be done to your customers and visitors for which you are at least partially responsible.

Now it has reached a point in the United States where victims of such incidents turn to court owners for compensation. And although this is unlikely to happen in the United Kingdom or elsewhere, there is certainly a potential for this, especially if the incident can be tracked on a specific website.

If every person who simply inspected their facilities could get injured, they would have taken the right steps to avoid it. So why don’t you take such a course of action in the virtual world of the Internet, where such damage can be so serious?

Websites should not only be beautiful, functional and suitable for marketing. They must be protected to protect their business interests, their customers and visitors to your site.

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