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What types of free slot machines are there?

All you can imagine! Well, the combination of animations, titles, settings and graphics is infinite. However, you can group them into several categories that we will mention.

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Depending on the number of reels

Divided into –

  • Traditional with three, maximum five reels.
  • Modern, between six and twenty reels. Usually the most popular in this category.
  • Extreme, from twenty-one to fifty reels per game. A madness that gives you multiple combinations and chances to win!

Depending on the game mode

  • Classics, these transport you to the physical casino. Its design is traditional and sticks to the machines you find in physical based casinos.
  • Video, designed for more experienced users who want to get out of the comfort zone and dare to more emotion. They have varied animations and settings. They are the most popular.
  • 3D, they are the most modern but undoubtedly the most immersive of all. They have multiple layers that give you a unique and very vivid experience.

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Bonus features in online slots

It is one of the characteristics so attractive. What are they about?

Free spin – The slot joker casino gives these gifts you for a particular slot machine. You can play without investing a penny out of your pocket. However, they have a catch: the winnings you make are subject to terms and conditions to release them.


Also known as “wild symbols”, these symbols appear on the reels that change shape to help you get a winning hand, or in any case, a consolation prize. These, depending on the casino and the game, may appear randomly, or you can buy them from the store. These wildcards can be several types –

  • Stacked: They are invasive. They appear on an entire pay line and give you attractive cash prizes or multipliers.
  • Sticky: They remain in the same square for several rolls. These are very unusual. Nevertheless, when they appear, they are your best friend.
  • Cascading: These appear randomly on different pay lines to help you create bigger combinations.


These are assigned in the table depending on the combination. In addition, its function is what its name indicates: multiplying your earnings.

Bonus rounds or missions

These are found in the most modern slots. Its objective is that you have more interaction with the casino games.

These are activated with certain combinations and depending on the casino, the function is activated. In the case of mini games, pop-up windows with independent games are opened to obtain extra prizes. In the case of missions, they can be mini games, or get specific symbols on the next roll.

How to win at online slot machines

Winning money at isoftbet depo pulsa slots is possible. It does not have much to do with the playing strategy in the slots itself, but in the advantages that you take advantage of the casino.  Take advantage of every bonus and free spin that the casino gives you to try to win real money at the slots. In this way, you have real opportunities to earn money by diversifying your gaming strategy and without investing more money.

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