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Will There Be Any Changes to Social Media in 2022?

As it is said, “The only constant in life is change” we can expect tremendous changes in our lives and technology, especially in social media. The companies that run social media platforms invest heavily in the maintenance and up-gradation of their platform. They provide entertainment to the user and serve as a platform for businesses to run and promote their work. Various companies have benefited from this and earned money like casino bonus. Let us look at the changes that are likely to occur in popular social media platforms.


With billions of users, Instagram is among the most used social media platforms. With the invention of reels, people have gone crazy following the trends and are making most of this feature. But did they add some more features in 2022? Yes, they are:

  • Free Credit – Instagram offers free credit amounts to people to shop from their platform.
  • Replying with reels – Yes, this is the added new provision. Now, you can reply to the comments using another reel. 
  • New Voice Effects – Next feature on this list is the text to speech feature, and users can add their voice and make fun of reels. Also, voice effects are added to experiment with them and get creative.


This is another widely used social media platform. Billions of people communicate using this app. Here are the changes that are expected in the year 2022:

  • Logout – Whatsapp is expected to launch the logout feature this year. After this, users will be able to log out from Whatsapp. 
  • Wide WhatsApp Community – Groups on this platform are common, but the company plans to group up to 10 groups to form a wider community. This feature, however, will only be available to group admins.
  • Custom ‘Last Seen’ – This feature will help you hide your last seen from specific contacts.
  • No time limit on Deleting the sent message – The company is likely to remove the time limit on deleting the sent message, which currently is 4,096 seconds.

Meta (Facebook)

Facebook has changed its name to Meta yet is one of the most used social media platforms. Take a look at the projected changes on this platform in the current year:

  • AR/VR – Augmented Reality and Virtual reality are likely to be introduced as the company plans to create a metaverse in the future.
  • Removing detailed targeting options – This is happening because some options can target people based on their ethnicity, sexual orientation, health issues, etc., which can be a sensitive issue for some people/ organizations.
  • Facebook Live – Earlier, this feature was only available to verified brands, but now anyone can use it. This allows small companies with a limited budget to make use of this. The live feature provides a higher percentage of engagement which can be beneficial to the people and business firms.

The Consensus

As social media helps people communicate and interact with each other and aids companies’ to market or promote themselves. Hence, these are some of the changes that are likely to occur in the top social media platforms in the year 2022, which will help all its users.