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Best card sequence for online poker which are hard to get but a sure win

The main agenda to win at poker is to get the highest sequence card. If you are getting the highest sequence than if you raise the pot amount or keep it steady you are the winner. To get these cards a player has to wait till fourth or fifth round for the dealer to show all the cards. It is sure the game of patients but with the perfect sequence card, there is no turning back. There are lots of players associated with gaple online who are playing every day and enjoy the gameplay. Here is the most powerful sequence to get at online poker.

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Royal Flush: Royal flush is a rare condition but if you have this in your hand then winning is in your pockets. The condition of this winning card is that the five cards are to be in sequence and also of the same suit. In a game, there is very rare possibility that there are two players with Straight Flush. If ever this happens then first thing this is an epic moment. Secondly, the player with the highest value card wins.

Four of a kind: The four of the kind is meant to have all same initial cards in the hand. The deck is already having all four cards with the same initials. When playing at the highest table which you can get with gaple online uang asli then a number of players can have this sequence. Here only four cards are used while the last card is kept aside. While if two players are having same four of a kind initial cards then the fifth card is used to the winning term. The condition is that the last card should be the highest.

gaple online uang asli

Color Flush: The color flush is really a rare one to get but really not the hardest one. All the cards are needed to be of the same color and in any order. When less number of players are playing then it comes the possibility that other players will also be having the same color flush cards. In this, the highest card owner wins.

 Straight Card: The straight card means that cards are needed to be in sequence. The ace is one card that can be used as the highest card and the lowest one. In the term there are two or more players having the sequence then the highest value card wins the game.

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