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Have You Heard About the New Casino Bonus Scam Yet

You’re probably wondering … which scam? There’s been quite a few over the years. But this cheat is based on casino bonuses and it’s pretty lowdown. Most casinos are reputable and operate fairly and within the law. Although, some are downright shady and will take you for every penny they can, including using online casino bonus scams.

If you’ve visited an online casino lately, you’re sure to have been offered a bonus of some kind. Bonuses come in many forms, including:

  • New Player Bonus
  • Match Deposit Bonus
  • Reload Bonus
  • No Deposit Bonus

This is only a small sample of the bonuses casinos offer, and the one we want to look at closely is the Match Deposit Bonus (MDB). An MDB is a bonus that matches the amount of the deposit you make. MDB’s don’t count towards all deposits, especially huge sums of money. Most often this scam is played out in the £100-£250 range.

It goes like this. You’re offered an MDB to deposit £100 and play a certain casino game. You make the deposit because you’re so excited about the free money. Unfortunately, you didn’t read the terms, which clearly state you have to deposit and play anywhere from 25-100 times the amount you deposited to claim your bonus. Frustrated but resolute, you proceed to play your game of choice, depositing more and more money in order to reach the terms amount.

The main reason this MDB offer is a scam is because the money you’ve already played on your game of choice doesn’t count toward the terms amount. That’s right! So, maybe you lose £1,000 on the roulette table and none of that money is applied to your MDB. This information, like the amount you must deposit and play before claiming your bonus, is buried in the terms, which no one ever reads.

The lesson here is to watch out for which bonuses you claim. Not every bonus is reputable. Always read the terms of the bonus before depositing any money. Plus, you should always be checking to see if the casino you’re playing at is licensed and regulated by third-party oversight organizations.

Now, go out there and play (safely!) and win big!