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Motivation after a Series of Losses: How to Find?

Winning and losing series usually alternate, but they can drag on indefinitely. It is very difficult for players to come to terms with the idea that all their hard work was destroyed by a losing series in just 10 bets. In such situations, even the most balanced bettors find it difficult to resist the thought of abandoning bets or betting all-in.

It is very difficult to enter the game after a series of defeats, as confidence leaves the player, but you need to look for additional incentives for betting. You should always remember that no one is safe from the losing series. Each player repeatedly find himself in such a situation, but if a professional usually rides out with a new experience, then a losing series for a novice bettor can have the most negative consequences.

What Can Help Switch From Failures?

  • Find some pros in a losing series.

Think of a losing streak as of experience. It may indicate that your betting strategy is not working or that you are going the wrong way.

  • Do not count lost money.

Consider them as your investment in acquired knowledge. Losing bets were wrong, it is your money, but you’ve gained invaluable experience in return.

  • Think of mistakes as of steps in a staircase that leads to your goal.

Not a single professional bettor has gone from a beginner to an outstanding player without failures. Everyone has had unsuccessful episodes. Strengthen your confidence with

How to Return the Winning Direction? 

  • If a strategy shows a negative result in the long run, this means that the strategy is not working.

There is no need to link the results of the strategy with your bad luck.

  • Zero your stats.

If you keep statistics of your bets, and this carries back your failures, start all over from scratch.