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Online Poker: 7 Ways To Control Your Addiction

No matter what you do and where you go, you get this urge of playing poker over and over again. You try finding people you can sit with so that you can indulge into the process of online poker. Also, you keep searching for new and trustworthy online poker websites so that you can get into the game over and over again. These things prove that you are totally addicted to the game and, despite trying hard, you are unable to get rid of your addiction.

So what do you do to control your urge to search for domino kiu kiu and play the game all the time?

  • Take the game as a game: Poker is nothing more or less than a game and that’s exactly how you need to take it as. Don’t make it your life no matter how good it seems to you!
  • Meditate: Meditation is the best way to control any addiction in your life.
  • Switch to online poker, if you are stuck with visiting land based casinos to play poker with real people: It is always good to find ways to stay at home and play poker; in case you are addicted to online poker, tell your partner to block all the sites so that you don’t get into them.
  • Don’t play for money: Whenever you play it as a game, play it for fun. It is okay to get addicted to FUN!
  • Admit that you are addicted instead of scolding your friends or family members who tell you about the same: It is okay to accept that you are addicted to playing poker.
  • Divert your mind and do other things whenever you have the urge to play poker: Keep your mind away from playing poker and do other things that you like.
  • Keep away from those who motivate you to keep playing the game: Surround yourself with people who help you get rid of the addiction.

We hope you get rid of your addiction soon and control your urges to play poker.