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Play Roulette Online For Free

The odds of winning any game in Las Vegas varies from casino to casino. Yet when you play Roulette online for free, at Cleebo casino you will be using Roulette wheels located in actual Las Vegas casinos. The most common types of Roulette played online are American and European. Though the European and American versions of the game have slightly different rules, they also share a few similar ones that you need to be familiar with.

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The first basic rule of Roulette is that your bet must be placed before the wheel is spun, while it is spinning and between instances of it spinning. Another basic rule of the game is that you can move your chips from one space on the table to another one, unless the wheel has stopped spinning. The last thing to know about the game is that any time the Roulette ball lands on any green pocket, the casino claims any bets that were placed on numbers marked in the other pockets.

There are several betting strategies that you can use in any game of online Roulette. These strategies are Martingale, D’Alembert, and Andre Martinez. When you place outside even bets the Martingale strategy comes into play. Anytime you place an outside even bet and you lose, all you have to do is wager twice as much money on your next bet. This will allow you to win back your losses on the original outside even bet.

The D’Alembert strategy is similar to Martindale, with the difference being that you wager more money on subsequent bets, but not twice the amount you previously bet. Your bets should continue to go up or down based on whether or not you won or lost the previous bet.

Of all the Roulette strategies the one that is the easiest to understand is the Andre Martinez. With this strategy you choose one number and bet on it 35 times. This means that, statistically, at least one of them will be a winning bet for you. The Andre Martinez strategy must be used carefully or you may find yourself losing more money than you can realistically afford to.

When you understand these basic ideas about Roulette, you will have much success playing the game online for free. It can prepare you to play the game for years to come and to make it as enjoyable as possible.