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Understanding the Ways of Playing Poker and More

Whether you are an amateur or a professional bettor, well know that poker is a card game that will never cease to amaze, and in a positive way of course. As you no doubt know, the charm of this title lies in the fact that it is available in several variations. Some of these versions enjoy better visibility than others, but that doesn’t mean that the unfamiliar ones are less entertaining. Among the latter, there is the Badugi idn poker online. You’ve never heard of it? If not, do not complain too much yet, because the team of experts at How to has devoted a little of its effort to it and gives you here the rules as well as the tips to know.

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Badugi Poker Game Rules

Badugi PokerIn reality, Badugi is a poker game of Korean origin, and it features a format that resembles that of a Triple Draw game. Contrary to what you might think, it offers fairly straightforward gameplay with easy to understand rules. To begin with, know that the objective of any player during a game of Badugi is to succeed in forming a “Badugi”, that is to say a weak hand of 4 cards, with one card of each suit and without pair. In other words, you will only be allowed to play with cards that are not available in pairs, while also making sure that each of them is a different color.

Basic Rules of Badugi

If we stick to the basic rules of Badugi poker online idn, it turns out that the game is played between two and six players. Before any game of Badugi begins, a dealer is appointed, and the rules state that the two players seated to his left are required to place the Blinds. The first performs the small Blind and the second the big one. Remember that the value of the small Blind is generally half that of the large one.

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The First Round of Betting

After the Blinds have been placed, each player receives 4 faces down cards from the dealer. The first round of betting is then triggered, and each of them will have the opportunity to call, raise or even fold. At the end of the first betting round, the players still in the game in Badugi have the option of making a draw which will allow them to get rid of any cards they no longer wish to keep and draw more news to improve their hands. Keep in mind that the Badugi rules give you full latitude to discard any 4 face down cards you received earlier.

The Second Round of Betting

After you get rid of the cards, the second round of betting begins, and players still active in Badugi’s game are allowed to fold or bet. In the event that there is no wager placed, they can check. After this step, another draw is then made, followed by a third betting round. Following this, we precede to the last card draw as well as the last betting round. The end of these two stages announces the start of the showdown which takes place when there are still at least two players in the game in Badugi’s game. Indeed, the showdown is the last part of the game and helps determine the winner. The latter is none other than the one who holds the weak hand of 4 cards, which is made up of 4 different brands and where pairs do not appear.